We started Trunk Tailors with one goal. To offer 100% handmade suits using the finest fabrics from around the world at the most competitive price in the market.

We travel extensively around the world to learn, embrace and promote the culture of fine tailoring. This enables us to provide sound advice to our clients that will best serve their needs in their environment. Each appointment with us should be a gentle step away from the daily grind, where one can truly enjoy the experience and be unencumbered. An utmost emphasis is placed on building a slow relationship with each individual client, our only benchmark is the amount of returning clients. Our business is built around the idea that we would rather make 5 suits for 100 clients, rather than 1 suit for 500 clients. 

All our suits are not hand finished but completely hand made from scratch in a small family owned workshop near the outskirts of Hong Kong. Every suit starts as a blank canvas, the patterns are hand drawn and is designed individually for every customer’s unique body. Every single buttonhole is stitched by hand and complemented by fully pick stitched seams. There are no machines in our workshop apart from the straight sewing machine, everything else is done by hand, as it should be. Your suit is conceived by both our master tailor and head cutter, with more than 30 years experience each.