Q: How long is the entire process?

6 - 8 weeks are required from first fitting to the end product. We are able to achieve the fast turnaround by working closely with our suppliers, shipping agents and workshop without compromising on quality. As all our suits are made by hand, we are able to provide as quickly as 2 weeks turn around for additional cost to compensate our tailor and cutters.

Q: How much does a suit cost?

Our prices start at $1,650.00 (GST Inclusive) for a hand made garment using Italian and British mills trusted by top bespoke houses around the world. Please jump to the Fabrics page to see a selection of what we endorse.

Q: What is the construction of your suits?

We only offer full canvassed construction for our suits. We are able to vary the amount of canvas used based on your needs, taking into consideration your work environment, the weather and the fabric used. However, for our cotton and linen summer suits, we recommend an empty construction with no canvas. Both are made with the same amount of handwork and finishing.

Q: Are your suits bespoke?

All our suits are made from scratch and do not have set sample garments or model akin to the usual MTM process. This allows a much more intimate level of personalisation and appreciation for tailoring.

Every single order's pattern is kept on file and in our workshop. You have the peace of mind knowing that your pattern is cemented from your first commission and we will work vigorously to improve and tweak the patterns as the relationship continues.

The customer has complete freedom with every detail of the suit, but we are here to guide you through the process. We would put ourselves as somewhere between bespoke and made to measure without the ‘how do I explain to my partner’ price tag, but also enough details to make sure you are not wearing an identical suit as the new private school intern. However, are finishing is on par with most bespoke houses around the world.

Q: Do you offer alterations?

Alterations and further fittings are complimentary and are included in the initial price.

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