All our suits are 100% handmade in a small family owned workshop. We only produce full canvassed suits and do not compromise on any details. Apart from our careful measurements, our master tailor oversees every single suit before it arrives in Melbourne/Sydney for future fittings, this ensures that your individual body shape is taken into account before any suit is drawn or cut. Every single suit has its own pattern that we save and adjust, no two suits are ever the same.

We consider your environment, climate, wardrobe rotation and daily habits before any recommendations are made.



We love casual and odd jackets, as it is the foundation and a gateway to the real realm of tailoring commissions. For summer, we love to work with Dugdale linen and Caccioppoli’s cotton – seersucker, solaro, denim etc. For winter, we recommend classic Fox Brothers and light flannel from Vitale Barberis Canonico all the way up to Harrison’s moonbeam. All our casual jackets are completely unstructured with no lining or quarter lining. Rest assured, we use the exact same amount of detail, every jacket is still cut from a single piece of cloth and every attachment is done by hand. They are soft, light, flexible and most importantly, enjoyable to wear.

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High waisted, single or double pleats and buttoned cuffs are some of our favourite options for casual pants. We find pleats creates comfort, relaxes the thigh and adds a somewhat casual element to the pants. All our pants are slightly tapered, but not too tight and we pride ourselves in producing comfortable pants. We make sure we get it right so you don’t have to worry about splitting the crotch at any social setting. We can accommodate for any requests, varying from pockets, width of leg opening, angle of pockets, the placement of side adjusters and single or double buttons for extenders.



With the exception of the most exclusive Carlo Riva, all our shirts are produced from Thomas Mason or Albini and they are soft. Although we generally like light to no fusing for our collars, we are able to produce them according to your needs. As with our suits, our shirts are made from scratch which means any collar or cuff configurations are possible.

We have 2 very specific house styles, our button down and spread collar. Both have been tested over and over again since inception and contains a very special height and angle formulae. 

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We pride ourselves in working with some of the most respected bespoke artisans around the world. Drake's from London, Nackymade from Kobe, Francesco Maglia from Milan, Seven Fold from Florence and Luca Avitabile from Naples. Every commission is hand picked and designed by ourselves and we do not carry any products where we have no input in the process.