We first travelled to Kobe in the winter of 2014 to visit Nacky and Tomoko's atelier following a close friend's recommendation.

In a quiet area close to the station, Nacky's motorbike is parked outside with his signature design, found on most of his designs.

Nacky uses 3D measurements to see the shape of the nose bridge, the distance between the eyes and the design that would best suit every day wear. 

As someone who has worn glasses for the last 25 years, the fit and comfort that Nackymade provides is top tier. Since then, we have hosted Nackymade's first trunk show in Australia in 2016. 

In our trunk show, there will be plenty of ready to wear options available to purchase. Made to order pieces allows the customer to choose their frame shape, colour, size, hinge options as well as any arm designs on offer. Materials range from his classic acetate to cherrywood and many more. 

For the epitome of eyewear, bespoke orders allow a customer to have his own cast made. Nacky will first go through the design step by step with the client, then the design will be sent to the client once Nacky returns to his atelier. Following confirmation, the design will be made into a cast for future orders. The measurements of a bespoke cast is unique to the client's face and allows the smallest tweak to suit the wearer. 

We will be once again hosting Nackymade on 18-19 August in our 2 Queen Street showroom. 

Regardless of RTW, MTO or bespoke commissions, all existing clients are encouraged to bring their purchases back in our yearly trunk show to have Nacky inspect and re-adjust free of charge.

For appointments, please email: or contact us on 0410 592 597. 

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Homie Yang